Friday, June 30, 2017

Family of Mudras - Adhi, Adho Merudanda, Merudanda, and Urdhvam Mudra

I exploring using Adhi, Adho Merudanda, Merudanda, and Urdhvam Mudra together as a family. The four mudras are complaimed  to worked with function at an energetic and physiological level like the gearshift of a car, moving from low gear to high.

My observations:

Working with these mudras together was a very powerful experience. Working from ADhit to Urdhvam felt like the growing of a flower. Adhi as the seed, Adho Merundanda as the suckling, Merudanda as the stem and Urdhvam was the flower blooming.  So beautiful that words can't express.  A secret from the divine about the creation of the universe.

Working with Urdhvam to Adhi was like the decline of life to death.  Urdhvam was the child, the teenager, openness of youth.  Merudanda was the pinnacle of life, success - adulthood being on your two feet. Adho Merudana was shutting down, getting frailer, slowing down, retiring. Adhi felt like a return to earth and death.  I got teary eyed.

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