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Important Mudras for Me to use in Lunar Practices of Yoga

These are the most important mudras for me in my development of a Lalita-Kali Lunar Sadhana. These mudras come from two books  Mudras for Healing and Transformation and Mudras of India.  I have been using them in my Lunar Hatha Classes.

I use them with these affirmations for the Goddesses of the Moon which are called Nityas. There are 15 Lalita Nityas and 15 Kali Nityas.  The Lalita and Kali Nityas themselves can be meditated upon and worshipped in different forms and colors for the attainment of different ends. In daily worship (puja) of the Nityas, each has her own nyasa and ritual sequence and they are to receive puja on the lunar days associated with them. are the vowel letters associated with each Nitya and day of the Moon.

As a sterotype and over-simplication Kali Nityas are dark and forbidding, and  the Lalita Nityas are bright and  positive. But it is not always the case.  We will find in this lunar practice that sometimes Lalita’s nitya is fierce and sometimes Kali’s nitya is gentle.

In this Lalita-Kali Sadhana we look at each day of the lunar cycle as an expression of a different aspect of the goddess and then an aspect of ourselves because we are also the goddess and we are always changing, evolving and transforming.

Yoni Mudra - Gesture of the Womb
For PMS and Female Reproductive Health
Bhagamalini – Nitya of the Flowering Yoni
"I honor my sensuality"

Trimurti Mudra - Gesture of the Trinity
For Menopause and All Life Transitions

 Virodhini - Goddess of Self Acceptance
"I honor my True Self"

Matangi Mudra - Gesture of the Goddess of Transformation
For Activating Samana Vayu
 Virodhi - Nitya of Self-Acceptance
"I honor my True Self"

Matangi Mudra - Gesture of the Goddess of Transformation
For Activating Samana Vayu

Kali Mudra - Gesture of the Goddess of Spiritual Purification
For Balancing the 5th Chakra

Nilapataka - Nitya of Celestial Power
"I honor my spirituality."

Ida Mudra - Gesture of the Lunar Nadi
For Balancing the Lunar Channel of Energy
 All the Nityas and all the Affirmations

Pranidhana Mudra - Gesture of Surrender
For Learning to Let Go

Shivaduti - Nitya of Communication
"I honor my truth."

All goddesses with the Last Quarter Moon

Ushas Mudra - Gesture of the Dawn
For Opening to New Possibilities

All goddess with the New Moon and Waxing Crescent Moon

Pushnapanjali Mudra - Gesture of Offering Flowers
For Cultivating Non-grasping - Aparigraha

Bhagamalini - Nitya of the Flowering Yoni
"I honor my sensuality"

Nityaklinna - Nitya of Wetness
"I honor my receptivity"
Sakshi Mudra - Gesture of Witness Consciousness
For Cultivating Self-Study - Svadhaya
 Jvamalini - Nitya of Flames
I honor my brilliance

Kulla - Nitya of Reflection
"I honor my insights."

Dipa - Nitya of Illumination
"I honor my inner light"

Sakshi Mudra - Top View

Chin Mud"Ira - Gesture of Consciousness
For Cultivating Surrender to the Divine - Ishvara Pranidhana

Kulasimdari - Nitya of Inner-Knowing
"I honor my intuition"

Nilapataka - Nitya of Celestial Power
"I honor my spirituality"

Ugraprabha - Nitya of Introspection
"I honor my insticts."

Dipa - Nitya of Illumination
"I honor my inner light."

Dirgha Svara Mudra - Gesture of Expanded Breath
For Expanding Life Force Energy - Pranayama
 Kameshvari - Nitya of Desire
"I honor my desires."

Dipa - Nitya of Illumination
"I honor my inner light"

Vipracitta - Nitya of the Subconsious
"I honor my dreams."

Mandala Mudra - Gesture of the Circle
For Attaining Spiritual Union - Samadhi
 All goddesses having to do with the full moon

Avahana Mudra - Gesture of Invocation
For Cultivating Heartfelt Acceptance
Kali - Nitya of Emotions
"I honor my emotions."

Sarvamangala - Nitya of Good Fortune
"I honor my good fortune"

Shakti Mudra - Gesture of the Goddess
For Awakening Spiritual Energy - Shakti

All goddesses and moon phases

Shakti Mudra - Side View

Shakti Mudra - Top View

Uttarabodhi Mudra - Gesture of Highest Wisdom
For Cultivating Self-Mastery - Vashitvam

Medha Prana Kriya Mudra - Gesture of Mental Vigor
For Welcoming Thoughts and Feelings
 Matra - Nitya of Self Knowledge
"I honor my inner knowing"

Abhaya Hrdaya Mudra - Gesture of the Fearless Heart
For nourishing the heart and lungs, bringing vitality and calm

 Kapali - Nitya of Skulla
"I honor my dark side."

Abhaya Hrdaya Mudra - Top View

Abhaya Hrdaya Mudra - Side View

Ardhachandra Mudra - Gesture of the Half Moon
All goddesses having to do with the half moon

Bhairava Mudra - Mudra of Ferocity and Terror
 Mita - Goddess of Fearlessness
"I honor my Fearlessness."

Ugra - Goddess of Fierceness
"I honor my Fierceness."

Bherunda - Goddess of Ferocity
"I honor my ferocity."

Chandra Mudra - Mudra of the Moon
 All nityas and goddesses for all moon cycles

Chandrakala Mudra - Mudra of the Crescent Moon
 All goddesses having to do with crescent moon

Lolita Mudra - Gesture of Moving Hither and Thither
 Tvarita - Goddess of Swiftness
"I honor my agility."

Padma Mudra - Gesture of the Lotus Flower
 All goddess/nityas

Rudra Mudra - Gesture of Roaring or Howling

 Kali - Nitya of Emotions
"I honor my emotions"

Shakti Mudra - Gesture of the Creative for or Goddess of Vitality
 All goddesses/nityas
Shakti Mudra

Yoni Mudra II  - Gesture of Origin or the Vulva
All goddesses/nityas

I have written these affirmations to go with the Lalita Nityas


1. Kameshvari – Nitya of Desire
"I honor my desires"
2. Bhagamalini – Nitya of the Flowering Yoni
"I honor my sensuality."
3. Nityaklinna – Nitya of Wetness 
"I honor my receptivity."
4. Bherunda – Nitya of Ferocity
"I honor my ferocity."
5. Vahnivasini – Nitya of Fire  
"I honor my passions"
6. Vajreshvari – Nitya of the Thunderbolt
"I honor my intensity"
7.  Tvarita – Nitya of Swiftness 
"I honor my agility."
8.  Shivaduti – Nitya of Communication 
"I honor my truth."
9. Kulasundari – Nitya of Inner Knowing 
"I honor my intuition."
10. Nitya – Nitya off Internal Presence  
"I honor my courage."
11. Nilapataka – Nitya of Celestial Power 
"I honor my spirituality."
12. Vijaya – Nitya of Victory
"I honor my accomplishments."
13.Sarvamangala – Nitya of Good Fortune
"I honor my good fortune."
14.Jvamalini – Nitya of Flames
"I honor my brilliance."

1. Kali –  Nitya of Emotion
"I honor my emotions."
2. Kapali – Nitya of Skulls 
"I honor my dark side."
3. Kulla  - Nitya of Reflection 
"I honor my insights."
4.Kurukulla – Nitya of Enchantment
"I honor my attractiveness."
5. Virodhini – Nitya of Self-Acceptance
"I honor my true self." 
6. Vipracitta – Nitya of the Subconscious
"I honor my dreams."
7. Ugra – Nitya of Fierceness 
"I honor my fierceness."
8 Ugraprabha – Nitya of Introspection 
"I honor my instincts."
9. Dipa – Nitya of Illumination 
"I honor my inner light."
10. Nila – Nitya of Contemplation
"I honor my thoughts"
11.Ghana – Nitya of Destruction 
"I honor my strength."
12. Balaka – Nitya of Self-Indulgence
"I honor my needs."
13. Matra – Nitya of Self-Knowledge
"I honor my inner knowing." 
14. Mudra – Nitya of Expression 
"I honor my creativity."
15.Mita – Nitya of Fearlessness
"I honor my fearlessness."

New Moon Nityas
Mudra, Mita, Kameshvari and Bhagamalini

Waxing Crescent Nityas
Nityaklinna, Bherunda, Vahnivasini and  Vajreshvari

Waning Crescent Nityas
Nila, Ghana, Balaka, Matra and Mudra

1/4 Quarter Moon Nityas
Tvarita, Shivaduti and Kulasundari 

Waxing Gibbous Moon Nityas
Nitya, Nilapataka, Vijaya and Sarvamangala

Waning Gibbous Moon Nityas
Kapali, Kulla,Kurukulla and Virodhini 

Full Moon Nityas
Jvamalini, Chitra and Kali

Last Quarter Moon Nityas
Ugra, Ugraprabha and Dipa 

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