Thursday, June 8, 2017

Artist's Way - The Great Creator

Question  – The author presents the concept of the Great Creator. What is your view of this concept? Would you be willing to discuss this with a client?  

Julia Cameron writes in The Artist' Way" about the Great Creator:

"While using, teaching, and sharing tools I have found, devised, divined, and been handed, I have seen blocks dissolved and lives transformed by the simple process of engaging the Great Creator in discovering and recovering our creative powers. “The Great Creator? 

That sounds like some Native American god. That sounds too Christian, too New Age, too...” Stupid? Simple-minded? Threatening? ... I know. Think of it as an exercise in open-mindedness. Just think, “Okay, Great Creator, whatever that is,” and keep reading. Allow yourself to experiment with the idea there might be a Great Creator and you might get some kind of use from it in freeing your own creativity. Because The Artist’s Way is, in essence, a spiritual path, initiated and practiced through creativity, this book uses the word God. This may be volatile for some of you—conjuring old, unworkable, unpleasant, or simply unbelievable ideas about God as you were raised to understand “him.” Please be open-minded."

I believe in a higher power.  I don't think he is a white man in the sky with a beard but I do think the universe has a Life Force or Qi or Prana.  I believe in the Divine.  I often see this as the Mother.  Ma. Kali is very important to me right now but other times she has been Matangi, Saraswati or Tara.  I have done a lot of work with the moon goddesses, the lunar nityas and I believe there is an divine energy in the earth, sun and stars.  This divinity can also be found in us. Sometimes I call it Source.  I find the goddess a way to connect to the aspects of myself. My true nature or true self.

I would be able to discuss this with a client if I felt they were open to it.  But I don't think I would push it on them.  I was raised by atheists. So I know there is sensitivity about religion.  But if there was an opening I would ask people to look for the Divine or Source and I would say they can find that inside themselves, they don't need to look outside.  Sometimes it is hard to live life without the Divine because we found ourselves alone and often purposeless and lonely.

Julia Cameron Writes:

"Remind yourself that to succeed in this course, no god concept is necessary. In fact, many of our commonly held god concepts get in the way. Do not allow semantics to become one more block for you. When the word God is used in these pages, you may substitute the thought good orderly direction or flow. What we are talking about is a creative energy. God is useful shorthand for many of us, but so is Goddess, Mind, Universe, Source, and Higher Power.... The point is not what you name it. The point is that you try using it. For many of us, thinking of it as a form of spiritual electricity has been a very useful jumping-off place. . . Do not call it God unless that is comfortable for you. There seems to be no need to name it unless that name is a useful shorthand for what you experience. Do not pretend to believe when you do not. If you remain forever an atheist, agnostic—so be it. You will still be able to experience an altered life through working with these principles."

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