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The entire universe is composed of two forces: consciousness and energy.  They are independent and opposite and complementary. Pingala is the positive polarity, the solar force.  The Qualities of Pingala are: hot, physical vitality, dynamic activity and tension.  Sympathetic Nervous System is represented by Pingala. Mantra is Ham.

Ida is negative polarity, the lunar force. The Qualities of Ida are:  cold,relaxation, passivity and sedentary activity. Parasympathetic Nervous System. Some mantras are Tham/Ksham. Ida predominates at night.  She is an Introverting Force and is active while we are relaxing, reading, thinking, viewing television or sleeping.

Ida and pingala dominance are directly related to the flow of breath in the nostrils. When the flow of breath is stronger in the left nostrils it indicates ida is dominant (Right Brain). When flow of breath is stronger in the right nostril then pingala is dominant (Left Brain). When one is sleepy the left nostril will be more dominant.

The Right Hemisphere of the brain is connected to Ida and the left nostril.  The right brain governs the left side of the body.  It processes information in a diffuse and holistic manner and controls orientation in space.  The right hemisphere is sensitive to the vibrational realm of existence.  It stimulates creative, artistic and musical abilities. Is responsible for mental, psychic and extrasensory perception

Ida is linked with manomaya and vijananamaya kosha

I have been using Ida Mudra on a regular basis in my Lunar Hatha Class

1.       Touch the tips of the ring fingers to the tips of the thumbs of the same hand and extend the other fingers.
2.       Place the left hand just below the navel, with the palm facing upward.
3.       Place the right hand slightly above the left, palm down, so that the joined fingertips of the right hand are directly above the joined fingertips of the left hand, but not touching them.
4.       Relax the shoulders back and down, with the elbows slightly away from the body and the spine naturally aligned.

"Ida, which means "comfort," is the name for the lunar nadi, the subtle channel of cooling energy that runs along the left side of the spine, from Muladhara chakra at the base of the body up to the third eye, and then down to the left nostril. Ida nadi is associated with chandra, meaning "moon," and with calming colors such as light blue or silvery moonlight. Ida nadi encompasses our receptive, feminine qualities, includingsoftness, self-nourishment, fluidity, sensitivity and the ability to find pleasure and joy in simply living. As we deepen our connection to Ida nadi, our awareness is naturally drawn inward, cultivating the intuition and inner listening that help to guide our life journey. With enhanced intuition and sensitivity, our powers of creativity awaken naturally, inspiring art, dance, painting or poetry that express the depths of our being. Moonlight energy also awakens us to the power of community in which decisions are made collectively. As we embody all of these lunar qualities, we live each moment of life with greater serenity and equanimity. 
Ida mudra activates the free flow of energy within Ida nadi, naturally supporting us in connecting with our lunar, receptive qualities. This gesture brings breath, awareness and energy to the left nostril, left lung and left side of the body. Ida mudra calms and slows the breath while lengthening the exhalation, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and restoration, thereby reducing blood pressure. As relaxation deepens, our senses naturally turn inward, awakening intuition. This gesture cultivates a sense of self-nourishment, which promotes inner healing while releasing stress and anxiety. The rhythmic abdominal breathing supports the optimal functioning of the reproductive and urinary system."

Le Page, Joseph; Le Page, Lilia. Mudras for Healing and Transformation (Kindle Locations 5907-5917). Integrative Yoga Therapy. Kindle Edition. 

I used the recording today to work with it.  I had a lot of problems with the tremor in my left hand. I loved hearing the words "bathed in moon light and receptivity."  The music was beautiful and Lilian's voice was very peaceful.

The affirmation is:
"Bathing in soft moonlight energy, I flow with the rhythms of life more easily."

My affirmation is:

"I connect to the Kali and Lalitha. I connect to the lunar goddess and all her aspects and forms.  I connect to she who is me."

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