Monday, June 5, 2017

Madhyama Mudra - 3rd Fingers Interlaced

I worked with my 3rd finger interlaced with the hasta mudra.  This is a variation of  Madhyama Mudra.  It is used is Life Force Yoga for activation of the 3rd Chakra.

When I did the 5 minute variation of Madhyama Mudra with the finger interlaced I saw:

A Polar Bear walking on ice with a blue blue sky.

Swan on a blue lake

Bright directional white sunlight.

All these images had blues playing against white.  They were very beautiful and had a purity about them. Previously, when my fingers were pointing together in Madhyama Mudra my mediation had more stream of conscious thoughts. But  I saw many of the same if not similar things.  The finger interlaced seemed to have more of a specificity where when the fingers were pointing at each the visualizations were more general.

I saw snow when the fingers are interlaced which is similar to the ice I saw when the fingers touched each other.  I saw birds with wings flapping with the fingers pointing at each other and a swan when the fingers were interlaced.

In contrast, when the fingers pointed to each other, I saw twilight but with fingers interlaced I saw bright white sunlight.When the fingers pointed each other I saw a cool desert with the fingers interlaced I saw more variations of water with ice and snow.  I was more melancholy when the fingers were pointed at each other with thoughts of missed opportunities and disappointments.  I was closed to samadhi when the fingers were interlaced.

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