Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dirgha Pranayama using Purna Svara Mudra.

Here is my exploration of Dirgha Pranayama using Purna Svara Mudra.

My experience:

My breathing feels strong and heavy in the belly.  It feels like breathing is moving from the chest to the belly with the weight in the belly. The breath almost seems to be asking for a pause in the belly. Feels like a curved breathing

Visualizations and Imagery:

I see a strong waterfall as I hold the mudra
I also see:
Strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean

Newport Avenue in Ventnor, New Jersey and the Bagel Place

Other Sensations:

The smell of the Ocean

My left tremor is activated and I am shaking in the Mudra

Here is what Joseph Le Page says about the mudra

Complete Breathing

• Facilitating Full Yogic Breathing, which may be helpful for respiratory conditions.
• Releasing tension from the entire torso.
• Supporting health and healing in all systems of the body.
• Integrating body, mind and spirit.

1.       Touch the tip of the little finger of each hand to the base joint of the thumb.
2.       Touch the tip of the ring finger to the middle joint of the thumb.
3.       Touch the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the thumb.
4.       Rest the backs of the hands on the thighs or knees.
5.       Relax the shoulders back and down, with the spine naturally aligned.

Purna means "full" or "whole," and svara means "breath." Purna Svara refers to Dirgha Pranayama, Full Yogic Breathing. Purna Svara mudra naturally cultivates Full Yogic Breathing, which we experience as a wave of energy flowing throughout our entire torso. This complete breathing integrates the three areas of the torso (base, middle and top) and the three portions of the lungs (lower, middle and upper). This gesture releases tension from the abdomen, diaphragm, rib cage and the auxiliary muscles of respiration in the shoulders and neck, permitting freer breathing and enhanced lung capacity. The Full Yogic Breathing facilitated by Purna Svara mudra supports the health of all of the systems of the body.

Purna Svara mudra instills a sense of integration and harmony throughout our entire being. This integration is activated by the placement of the fingers along the thumb. The little fingertip pressed into the base of the thumb activates the breath in the lower body and the base of the lungs, and is associated with the Sthula sharira, the physical body. The ring fingertip pressed into the middle joint of the thumb activates the breath in the middle body and middle portion of the lungs, and is associated with the Sukshma sharira, the energy body. The middle fingertip, which touches the top of the thumb, activates the breath in the upper body and top of the lungs, and is associated with the Karana sharira, the causal body. The position of the fingers pressed against the thumb integrates the three bodies simultaneously while the extended index finger serves as a pointer to our true being, which encompasses and transcends all of them."

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